Services Provided 
Duffy's sash shop is fitted with all the state of the art tools and equipment.  All glazing and paint is removed from sash/shutter and doors with the steam box.  Duffy was the first one to buy a steam box 10 years ago.  We also have a 10' x 5' steam box.

We also have other paint and glazing removal tools to meet the industry needs.  Duffy has been perfecting sash restoration for over 15 years and all the steps are taken to restore sash to perfect condition.  When it comes to looks and operability including repair/replacement of ropes/chains and weights, Duffy Hoffman is the sash expert!

We have a substantial stock of antique glass which we can provide for "in kind" replacement. We also have historic sash locks for your projects and a sash weatherization system which is fast and very effective.

Duffy has a historic wood collection that he uses when replacing wood on sash.  Many rot resistant species are available.  Duffy is one of the only sash restorationists that will do a time test on a window opening before the prices are set to really understand the cost of a sash restoration.  We can save you money, provide in house training and get the best job done in the USA.

  • Historic Preservation Consultant
  • Historic Project Management
  • All Phases of Historic Structure
  • Restoration
  • Restoration of Sash
  • Lead Safety Practices Training
  • Private Work Shops
  • In House Training
  • Supplier of Glass
  • Glass Cutting
  • Supplier of Historic Sash and Shutters
  • Weatherization of Historic Windows
  • Historic Window Weight, Chain and Rope Maintenance
  • Historic Structure Inspection
  • Historic Structure Painting and Restoration
  • Lead Safe Paint Removal Practices
  • Mothballing of Unoccupied Structure
  • Epoxy Repair
  • Plaster Wall Repair and Restoration
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