Listed below are just a few of the Testimonials from satisfied homeowners, business people and preservationists who enjoyed Duffy's video's, books, classes and or services.  If you wish to contribute to Duffy's list of testimonials, please let us know.  Fill out our contact form on the Contact Duffy page.
"As a window restorer for over 35 years I was tickled to watch Duffy Hoffman's "Restoration of Windows A-Z". Duffy is one of the top window restoration experts in the country and has mastered the art of teaching the craft in this DVD."

Bob Yapp
Preservation Resources, Inc.
The Belvedere School for Hands-On Preservation

"Duffy boils down his decades of hard work showing us the methods and techniques for window work that are proven to work so well."

John Leeke
American Preservationeer

We met you at the recent workshop in Frankfort KY. Lee and I are the couple from Texas. Just wanted to let you know how much we have learned from your DVD demonstrating care and repair of wooden window sashes. The information was most excellent.

Martha Witherow

"For years I have been the bookstore at trade shows for period homeowners and have sold hundreds of copies of 'how-to' books for wood window restorers, whether as professionals or as homeowners. This video (and supporting workbook) by master restorer Duffy Hofman is one of the best treatments I've ever offered. I viewed it myself and think it will save thousands of period wood windows from the fate of replacement. I look forward to offering the set on my website, www.rarebookstore.net."

Steven Schuyler

Duffy’s video on Restoration of Historic Windows is a must for Architects, Contractors and Home Owners. It’s a clear picture that Historic Windows can be saved and refurbished to function like new if one follows the right procedures that are clearly shown in this great educational video by Duffy,
Thank you Duffy

David Gibney
Historic Restoration Specialist Inc.
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